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This is happening :)

So basically, I’m marking April as the month in which I change my habits. I can’t imagine not eating keto, but I can imagine not eating as things stand currently with regards to ~naughty tendencies~ I’ve developed over the last four months:
Drinking at least 1 litre of artificially sweetened drinks per day - generally Pepsi Max/Diet Coke/Powerade Zero. Literally every, single day. We get free meals at the hospital when working and so because I prepare my own food, I’ll often help myself to two sugarfree, aspartame-sweetened drinks at lunch time. The opportunity cost is drinking water, and while I’m absolutely fine having it as an occasional treat, I’m not comfortable with having these drinks as vices. I’ve not had any for the last two days and I can feel myself craving them: this is not good.
Atkins bars/Quest bars - not something I’m in the habit of eating currently, but this is because I’ve learned through trial and error that they simply don’t make me feel good (though I’ve been giving in with real treats instead, and I’m not sure this is any better).
Eating 50 grams of butter a day - pretty much mindlessly, and it alters my hunger cues. I need to be putting the butter on things and making it real food.
Eating more than one micronutrient-void meal a day - e.g. bulletproof coffee and chocolate whipped cream in the same day. Is it any wonder I don’t feel satisfied?
Increasing consumption of protein powder to compensate for above high-fat nutrient void meals
More packaged food, more weird meals, too many flax muffins …
I know the whole clean eating approach comes across as a huge fad to many, especially given how the if it fits your macros approach has huge popularity. But personally, such a plan doesn’t appeal to me, and I want to take a very holistic approach to looking after myself. When I started keto, I planned my meals and snacked conscientiously because the macros were so new to me, I had to be careful. I’ve managed to put on weight doing keto by doing it badly - I have made very little effort to eat at an overall deficit (I prefer to look at this across a week-by-week basis opposed to daily) and have cheated every 1-2 weeks.
I’m undeniably doing this to lose weight, but I also want to feel better and more energised. I don’t want to rely on packaged foods. I want to lovingly prepare meals with real ingredients. I want my carbohydrate intake to come mainly from vegetables. I want to be in touch with my hunger cues again. When I used to eat chocolate cream, I would always have broccoli on the side. I’ve stopped experimenting with cooking with vegetables as much, and yet I always appreciate when I put the effort in at dinner.
I don’t see this as depriving myself. I’ve made a list of foods that make me feel good (coconut oil, salmon, avocado, steak, spinach, mushrooms, pork belly, etc. etc.) and I’m sticking to these. Re: artificial sweeteners - I will continue to include stevia, xylitol and erythritol as I have always been able to eat these without a problem.
Cheese, butter and cream definitely have their place in my diet, but I think I’d rather see them at the periphery of it - as treats. I don’t want a daily Diet Coke habit, either.
When I first transitioned to keto from primal, I still had a clean eating philosophy ingrained in me, and I attribute that to so much of my initial success. Within the realms of a traditional clean diet, the way I eat now doesn’t even come close. Reaching for pork rinds may be convenient, but eating snacks from packets (seasoned with MSG to boot), is definitely not going to be nourishing my body.
I’m well aware that people have had success in eating no vegetables at all, but for me personally, I know that the feeling of immediate ~health~ after eating a salad or including spinach in a meal is unbeatable. I don’t care if what I’m doing is entirely placebo-based.
Cheating? I’m not considering it until after April is through, and at that stage I think I will consider the possibility of reintroducing carbs in the form of kumara (sweet potato), rice, fruit etc. in the form of ~carb ups~ opposed to cheats (milk chocolate, I’m sorry). Once again, this an approach I am taking based on what I think will work for me (based on what clearly hasn’t worked in the past).
I’m going to plan more. I’m going to drink more water. And I’m going to eat more coconut products, and a little less butter. That’s really all there is to it.
So here we go: primal, clean keto.


I am with you 
Less carb ups and more healthy^

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